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There’s no worse feeling than handing over a large sum of money to someone you hardly know. We are a stable, family owned company, and we don’t think anyone should have to put down a large chunk of money to get a project started. We wouldn’t do it, and we don’t expect you to either.


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Maintaining the curb appeal of your home or business is essential, as it reflects your dedication to your investment. A property that’s clean, well-painted, and properly maintained is perceived as more valuable compared to one that’s neglected and grimy. Let us assist you in preserving your property’s visual appeal through our top-notch pressure washing service!

From the moment a building is constructed, signs of aging start to show, and without proper upkeep, a five-year-old structure can appear as weathered as one two decades old. Over time, elements like dust, soot, and pollutants accumulate, prematurely aging your property’s appearance. Power washing, also known as pressure washing, involves the forceful application of water to effectively eliminate years of damaging buildup.

We comprehend that you don’t want to go through the hassle of repainting your building every year to maintain that freshly-painted allure. Opting for an annual pressure washing is a smart way to save money and retain the splendid exterior look of your building. This is where power washing comes into play. With our expertise, we can power wash even the most delicate paint finishes with ease.

In Galt, CA, Michael Hines Painting offers pressure washing services that are the most cost-effective means to swiftly restore your property’s curb appeal. Have you ever had the exterior of your home power washed? If not, you might have begun to notice a buildup of grime, mildew, mold, and other contaminants on your siding’s surface.

As time goes on, these contaminants can become ingrained in your paint, potentially leading to a decrease in your home’s value. Moreover, they can compromise structural integrity, undermining your property’s curb appeal. Even more critically, these issues can impact the well-being of your family and pets. Fortunately, the Galt pressure washers at Michael Hines Painting & Pressure Washing are adept at identifying and treating these problems across various siding types, including stucco, vinyl, aluminum, Hardie plank, cedar, logs, and more. Our services not only keep your house looking its absolute best but also preempt costly concerns such as siding repairs or roof replacements.

So if you’re looking for the best pressure washing services in Galt, CA, for affordable residential power washing or expertise in deck and patio pressure washing, you can trust Michael Hines Painting to provide exceptional results. We understand the intricacies of exterior cleaning in Galt, utilizing soft washing techniques to remove mold and mildew, offering top-notch gutter cleaning services, and effectively addressing concrete surface, brick, and stone cleaning needs. Our commitment to professional pressure cleaning sets us apart and ensures your property’s aesthetics are in the best hands.

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The Best Pressure Washing in Galt CA 

Power washing and painting are 2 home improvement items that can be considered an investment. Why is that? If you are looking to sell your home, or just have it appraised for a refinance, these services will usually increase the value of your home by an amount greater than what you spend on it.

Exterior washing that is done by a professional extends the life of your property by removing all of the stuff that contributes to rot, decay and the premature failure of your paint job and siding. It can ward off costly repairs and add years of life to all of these surfaces.

Curb appeal is great, and a hazard free, clean, safe property is a key component in adding value to your community. It provides value to neighbors that want to live in a clean and attractive community, and it provides value to neighbors that want to sell their property.

Client Testimonials

“…finished product was
excellent, it was on time
and on budget and we
were very pleased with
the results. As a former
property manager I
look for those kinds of
qualities in a painter…”

Dyann Paradise

“…we just want to say
that they did a fantastic
job. It was very hard
work … I really appreciate
their effort, and their
quality, and their pure
professionalism. I just
want to say thank you…”

Terry Goolsby

“…Michael Hines Painting
came out to do some
staining, and a whole lot
of prep work before the
staining, on my log home
and they did a fantastic
job … I highly recommend

Tom Graham

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At Michael Hines Painting, we believe in the value of lifetime relationships.

We believe in taking the care and time to not only do the job well but expertly. That is why we will never sacrifice the quality of our work or provide you with poor service.

The world is full of painters and other home improvement professionals that will say anything to land a job.

Not Me.

They will offer you an unbelievably low price just to get in the door and then pressure you with add-on’s.

Not Me Either.

I think you deserve better than that.

Need some more information before moving forward? We suggest you listen to what some of our clients have to say about us- Reviews, or to read a little bit more about what makes us passionate about protecting your home check out Our Story!

A painting company is an asset to be trusted with your largest investment.

At Michael Hines Painting, we believe in the value of lifetime relationships. 


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