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Whether you are looking for a company to refinish your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, or all of your cabinets- we are the best choice for cabinet painters in Galt CA.

The Michael Hines Painting Difference

One Of Nor-Cal's Most Awarded Cabinet Painters

We have been nationally awarded 2x as Top Job winners from American Painting Contractor Magazine and have been voted the Best Painting company 4x in nearby Amador County.

Honest Prices

We quote a fixed cost for your painting project and will never spring hidden costs on you at the end of the job. Occasionally, repairs are found after the work has started. If that happens we will be upfront and work with you to find the best outcome.


There’s no worse feeling than handing over a large sum of money to someone you hardly know. We are a stable, family owned company, and we don’t think anyone should have to put down a large chunk of money to get a project started. We wouldn’t do it, and we don’t expect you to either.


No Sub-Contractors. No Day-Laborers. This enables us to ensure quality for every aspect of the project. You won’t be gambling on our ability to deliver because Attention To Detail is just one reason homeowner’s come to us.

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Our Kitchen Cabinet Painters can make your yellowed, outdated, or wooden cabinets look brand new again.

Replacing your kitchen cabinets can be a high priced and time-consuming task. Thankfully, you don’t have to buy expensive new cabinets to transform your home. Galt Cabinet Refinishing is a wonderful alternative to a total remodel. And as an added bonus your older wood cabinets are probably better quality than the majority of the products on the market today. Plus, painting or refinishing kitchen cabinets will save you the mess and stress of a pricey cabinet replacement in Galt, CA.

We use waterborne, environmentally friendly products as often as possible when completing our cabinet painting projects. These products have less of an odor than conventional lacquer or oil-based finishes while retaining durability.

Typically, we recommend a sprayed finish on the doors and drawer fronts and a brushed finish on the rails – sometimes called the boxes or skeletons. The main advantage to this is that it keeps the airborne dust and paint odor within your house to a minimum. We realize how devastating paint dust can be to the furniture within your home. We prefer to do all the finish work on-site. To do this, we have to mask off your garage, kitchen or dining room to use for spraying the doors and drawers.

One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your kitchen is to change the look of your kitchen cabinets, and the easiest and most affordable ways to do this is by painting or refinishing them.

Most kitchen cabinets made from wood, wood-laminate or metal can be repainted or refinished, but cabinet painting requires special techniques and materials to get the job done properly. We specialize in bringing old kitchens back to life with our cabinet refacing process and would be happy to discuss the process in detail with you.

Don’t remodel, refinish!

If you like the look of your existing cabinets and simply want them freshened up, we suggest a simple and transformational process that will restore their previous shine. We give the doors an in-depth cleaning to eradicate all traces of dirt, grime, and grease. Next, we give them a light sanding to dull the existing finish and improve adhesion. After that we apply 2 fresh coats of paint or polyurethane, depending on what you have, to give them an exceptionally strong finish.

Our kitchen cabinet painting process follows strict adherence to standard major paint and refinishing product manufacturers to ensure years of enjoyment from your kitchen…without the cost of remodeling!

Years Established

Completed Projects

The Best Cabinet Painters In Galt Focus On Prep Work First!

Cabinet painting is one of the most time-consuming projects that we do in a home.

When the correct process is used, every door and drawer is handled between 14 and 20 times!

We start by masking all the surfaces in your home that we need to keep paint off. This includes the floors and countertops at a minimum. And depending on how heavily we need to sand it may also include masking the walls – though our 99% dustless heap-vac sanders to keep the dust to a minimum!

We use a roof underlayment to mask the floors and countertops. This is a waterproof material that we can keep down for the duration of the project and is impermeable by water so we don’t have to worry about spilling any cleaning solution, primer, or finish coats.

At this point you might think it’s time to start putting some paint on your cabinets, but there’s still quite a few things that have to be completed before our Galt Cabinet Painters start your project.

Set-Up For A Successful Cabinet Painting Project

1. We number all of the doors and drawers. We work left to right and top to bottom so we can put everything back in the right place.
2. We remove the doors from the boxes.
3. We detach the drawer faces, if possible, or remove the entire drawer from the cabinets.
4. If we are doing inside of the cabinets we number all of the hinges. If we aren’t doing the inside of the cabinets we place the hinges onto the shelf that corresponds to their location.

We Clean Everything

We clean both sides of the doors and drawer fronts and all of the cabinet rails. We start with denatured alcohol and move up to stronger cleaners as necessary. It can take a full day or longer to clean a set of cabinets in preparation for painting.

We Sand, Patch, And Clean-Clean

We sand all of those same surfaces using our Festool Hepa Certified 99% dustless sanding system. Then, guess what? We clean it all again!

After that we do an application of filler to any large dings we can find and give the putty a quick sand once it’s completely dry.

And would you believe it!? Then we clean those spots again. Are you noticing the trend yet?

We Prime As Appropriate

Once all of that prep is completed we have to do one more thing before we start your cabinet painting – We have to prime all of the surfaces with a high adhesion primer. Every good Amador County cabinet painter should be applying a primer to your cabinets before they put any paint on.

Galt Cabinet Painting That Lasts

Because we use only top-of-the-line products for our cabinet painting you can rest easy about durability and stain resistance.

Our team of enthusiastic cabinet painters have a well-developed, creative sense for color combinations. In addition, they have a steady hand that will give you a streak-free and unblemished appearance every time.

Whether or not you want a bathroom vanity done, or a complete, custom, custom cabinet paint job, our skilled painters will give your home a delicate touch. Our expert Galt cabinet painters are dedicated to providing the highest quality finished product and completing every project with 100% customer satisfaction.

Once all of the prep-work is finished it’s time to start your cabinet painting in Galt!

As a company, we have invested thousands of dolars in some of the best cabinet painting and drying racks on the market. They have a unique design that allows us to paint both side of a door at the same time, and set it on edge to dry. This helps us finish a project about 20% faster than before.

1. We spray the first coat of paint on both sides of each door/drawer that fits on the rack
2. We apply the first coat of paint to the cabinet rails.
3. We check the the cabinet doors for any more dings or blemishes that need filled.
4. We sand any spots that we had to fill or any heavy marks from the spray gun.
5. We spray the second coat on both sides of each door/drawer.
6. We check the cabinet boxes for any dings or blemishes that need filled and sand them smooth.
7. We apply the second coat of paint to the cabinet rails

Depending on what time of year it is we can’t always safely apply both coats in 1 day. If we can’t the second coat will get done the next day (or over multiple days on a very large set).

After the second coat is fully dry to the touch, we reinstall everything back where we took it off. And then install all the knobs/handles.

For the average kitchen refinish, our Galt cabinet painters will be in your home for about 1 week.  Are you ready to get your project started? If you have kitchen cabinets that are faded, dirty, or out of style, Michael Hines Painting can help.

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Client Testimonials

“…finished product was
excellent, it was on time
and on budget and we
were very pleased with
the results. As a former
property manager I
look for those kinds of
qualities in a painter…”

Dyann Paradise

“…we just want to say
that they did a fantastic
job. It was very hard
work … I really appreciate
their effort, and their
quality, and their pure
professionalism. I just
want to say thank you…”

Terry Goolsby

“…Michael Hines Painting
came out to do some
staining, and a whole lot
of prep work before the
staining, on my log home
and they did a fantastic
job … I highly recommend

Tom Graham

Why Choose Michael Hines Painting To Be Your Galt Cabinet Painter?

We believe in taking the care and time to not only do the job well, but expertly

That is why we will never sacrifice the quality of our work or provide you with poor service.

The world is full of painters and other home improvement professionals that will say anything to land a job.

Not Me.

They will offer you an unbelievably low price just to get in the door and then pressure you with add-on’s.

Not Me Either.

I think you deserve better than that.

I started my company with a hope that I could represent a shift in how people perceive a paint job and a painting company. You see, painting is not just a service that you buy from the lowest bidder.

A painting company is an asset to be trusted with your largest investment.

At Michael Hines Painting, we believe in the value of lifetime relationships. 


Are you in search of the best Galt painting company to bring your home to life? Are you looking for top-notch service and an outstanding finish that will make all the neighbors jealous? Then welcome to The Michael Hines Painting!

Our skilled, experienced painters deliver stunning results with a level of craftsmanship above our competitors. Your property deserves special attention and we’re here to provide a tailored approach based on stringent processes and our extensive knowledge that spans a combined 75 years of company experience.

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